General Meeting

Attendees: 19

  • Cowles Mountain hike on Sunday October 2nd will be our second social event of the semester.
  • For those students who were unable to attend Dr. Keating‘s MA Exam information session, you can contact him to schedule an individual appointment. He is also working on a handout for those who were unable to make it.
  • LSA will host heir own Exam vs. Thesis information session with alumni who have been through both processes.
  • Thesis students are invited to practice presenting their research at LSA meetings.
  • Other planned academic events: Fall Applied Linguistics Colloquium with ALI, Brown bags on technology in the classroom coordinated with LARC, Careers information panel (Career Services and alumni), Faculty presentations, Spring Colloquium (2012).
  • Proposed social events: Halloween potluck party (need to find someone to host this), video game and board game night.
  • Gaged interest for T-shirts priced at $10-15 (15 people interested depending on the design) — we will hold a T-shirt design contest in which the winner will get a free T-shirt.
  • Proposed for next meeting (Sept 30 postponed to Oct 7): Presentation by Dr. Bigham

Officers’ Meeting

First general meeting

  • Icebreakers?
  • Get feedback on what members would like to see
  • T-shirt interest at $10-15 price mark

Potential social events

  • Hiking
  • Beach day
  • Video game / board game night

Potential academic events

  • Brown bags coordinated with LARC
  • Careers information panel (Career Services and alumni)
  • Research presentations (Professors from SDSU/UCSD, graduate students)
  • Thesis (Plan A) versus Test (Plan B) — alumni who have been through each process, Montezuma Publishing

Fall 2011 Colloquium