Thank you

Thank you to everyone who took part in this year’s colloquium, whether it be through organizing, presenting, or attending. We also thank the faculty that are leaving us after this semester–Drs. Robert Underhill, Soonja Choi, and Zev Bar-Lev. We are also parting ways with our 2011-12 LSA officers:

President: Jessica Campbell
Vice President: Nick Carleton
Treasurer: Paul Tarpey
Secretary: Sara Kazemi
Undergraduate Liaison: Sam Spevack

The 2012-13 officers will be:

President: Nicole Siminsky
Vice President: Amanda Meza
Treasurer: Kelley Ruble
Secretary: Ana Elisa Besserman Vianna
Undergraduate Liaison: Sharon Lee

Dr. Robert Malouf will retain his position as the supervising faculty of the LSA.