Welcome Week – Represent the LSA

This Tuesday (08/28/12) the LSA will have its own booth at the Student Involvement Expo during SDSU Welcome Week.

You are all invited to not only come stop by, but also participate, sit in the booth, and talk to interested students.
We want to show the student body a glimpse of the wonderful world of linguistics.

The expo will be at North Library Walkway from 10am-4pm.


Edit: Thanks to all that came. It was a pleasure meeting all of you!

Post-Orientation Get Together!

Hello dear ling grads and undergrads. The summer is coming to an end and we’re approaching the beginning of the Fall semester, which brings a fresh batch of new students to our program! In order to welcome them we have organized a post-orientation get together at State Street Grill, right by the Campus. It will also be a great opportunity to catch up and talk about our projects to come. So turn your student spirit back on and join us!