40th Anniversary Questionnaire


Our department is celebrating the 40th Linguistics Colloquium on Saturday, April 29th, and to commemorate this special year, we are doing a series of email Q&As with alumni and faculty to commemorate it. 

Will you participate? If yes, please answer the following questions in the reply section of this post or email your response to sdsu.lsa [at] gmail.com. We plan on showing excerpts of the collected Q&As at the colloquium as a slideshow. 


  1. What is your full name?

2. When did you graduate from the linguistics program? (Class of ___?)

3. Did you graduate with a degree in General or Applied Linguistics?

4. Where are you now and what do you do for a living?

5. Where has your degree taken you? I.e. What have you done since you obtained your linguistics degree?

6. What did you most like about studying linguistics? Share with us any fond memories you have from your time in the program.

7. Any words or encouragement / academic / career advice to current students in our department?

8. Will you email a photo of yourself? To: sdsu.lsa [at] gmail.com 

9. And we plan on showing a slideshow of photos at the colloquium, so if you also have photos from your time at SDSU, please share along with photo captions so we can consider using them. 

Thank you very much! 


Jini Shim

Public Relations Officer of  Linguistics Student Association at SDSU (sdsu.lsa [at] gmail.com)